4 Reasons Why You Should Use Espresso Machine Cleaner

18 March 2021
Category: Tips

Many people start their day with a caffeine hit (We can definitely relate). If you use an espresso machine at home, it is really important to know how to clean your machine and why!

NO.1 reason to clean your espresso machine to ensure you have a great-tasting cup of coffee with no nasties. Do you want your freshly poured espresso to be tainted by the remains of old coffee? I didn’t think so. Old coffee oils build up behind the shower head and along the waterline. Backflushing with just water – won’t remove the coffee oils. They are vicious and stick to the stainless steel pipes and clog the shower head holes.

In this post, we share with you our 4 Reasons Why You Should Use An Espresso Machine Cleaner….

Reason 1 – Avoid Costly Repairs 

Cleaning your espresso machine helps you avoid costly repairs, having to purchase new parts or even a full machine replacement.

Tip: You need to remove old coffee oils that build up below the basket and in the portafilter handle base. The coffee oils will go rancid and affect your next espresso pour. Don’t let bad taste build-up affect your next cup! Follow our steps HERE to learns how to backflush your espresso machine.


Reason 2 – Extends Life of Espresso machine

By regularly maintaining your espresso machine, it will work more effectively and last the long run and extend the life of your machine. This means… more coffee for ages from the one past investment! That’s less landfill too. Good on you!

Tip: Remove old coffee oils that build ‘up there’ behind the group head shower screen. Up behind the shower screen the coffee oils start to build up and clog the holes in the shower screen. Take a look! Pour some water through and see if some shower holes are clogged and water not coming out evenly across the screen. The oils will also build up ‘back there’ along the waterline.

So soak your baskets and portafilter handle – the stainless steel part – not the grip handle – and shower head screen to remove any built up coffee oils. Just half a teaspoon in a cup of water will do. Rinse well afterwards.


Reason 3 – Health and Hygiene

Leaving accumulated oils and old grinds over time will give your coffee a dirty taste. Damp old coffee left up there can encourage mould and other nasties growing. We don’t need that!

By following our How To Backflush Your Coffee Machine article you will be able to clean your machine effectively removing any nasties to ensure your coffee will taste great, every day.



Reason 4 – Great and Clean Tasting Coffee

It all takes about 2-3 minutes. It makes such a difference to lasting good tasting espresso – free of taints. 


So… keep your machine in tip-top shape and help it last without the need of (unnecessary) servicing – by using espresso cleaner like a pro!