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Oh My, this classical music festival is so fine! If you didn’t attend – well I am sorry you missed out. If reading this makes you think more seriously about attending a concert (or 9) in 2020, well all the better then! Actually it was super to see a few more local faces this year at our plantation’s ‘Coffee Concert’ and over the weekend at the Bangalow A&I Hall. It really is a delight to greet our regular festival goers – ones who attend every year and come from afar. With over 15 years of serving espresso, treats and lunch at the hall, and 4 years of the Coffee Concert, we really do love the shared experience and joy the concerts bring with our annual festival friends. Happy to make new ones too!

Tania Frazer of Southern Cross Soloists (Brisbane based ensemble) is the Creative Director as well as being a terrifically talented oboist, who manages to make time to work up a program and invite soloists and ensembles from near and far to play at the annual Bangalow Music Festival. With the help of some mighty generous sponsors, we are so fortunate to have truly world class musicians leave the posts of their usual ensembles, orchestras and teaching positions to make the time to travel to Bangalow. The skill and talent is – as Tania put it to me last year – equivalent to having Olympic athletes visit – at the top of their game. Even better, I say as the meeting of such terrific artists and the joy they share in playing for us is just sooo special!

So you say you aren’t sure about classical music, it’s not your thing? Live performances are such a treat, we’d all agree. In an intimate setting with the superb visual and sound clarity of our A& I Hall – where you can see the interaction between musicians brought together from round the world just to play together for us in Bangalow  – well you can’t help but feel connected and appropriately awed. Sometimes meditative, sometimes delightfully bold and exciting; often breathtaking with down right wow factor of their skill level  – you just can’t help but be impressed and smile and hoot, even stamp your feet with pleasure and appreciation.

We especially love hosting the Coffee Concert, on the Friday at 11am at our coffee plantation and roastery. Apparently our ‘coffee space’ (coffee training/ meeting room) works a treat for chamber music and interviews with ‘that view over the plantation’ delighting our visiting musicians as well as festival patrons. So give it a go in 2020. You won’t regret it.

The Bangalow Music Festival is Fabulous!

coffee concert 2 BMF 2019
office green room BMF 2019
James Vicki BMF 2019
coffee concert 1 BMF 2019
french horn farm BMF 2019

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