bees love our coffee plantation

21 September 2017
Category: Farm News

Zentveld’s share their swarm of bees and harvest first honeycomb

At Zentveld’s plantation this week we found a swarm of bees!
So we got our bee blokes in, who suited up, shook the branch they had swarmed to and the bees fell right into the carton, ready to be easily tipped into their new little ‘travel hive’. Like a caravan of busy bees ready for a new home.
There would be a new Queen bee in the travel hive now, as the worker bees swarmed around and chose to go in, seeking her company. Isn’t nature magic!
Apparently they wont go back to their old hive, so they are off to establish a new bee home – ie on another nearby property.

We are so pleased to share our bees – keeping the bee populations growing across the Northern Rivers.
Now check out our honeycomb, scraped just off the lids of 3 hives. WOWEE!
The honey is clear, soft and fragrant of the beeswax – honeycomb. Mild, unfiltered pure good stuff!
Come visit us at Zentveld’s Roastery and see if there are any jars left of our very own coffee and rainforest blossom, unfiltered honey! First batch ever from our busy, happy, most productive bees. YAY!

bee hive