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Cool but sunny – perfect Winter days to bring fine writers and philosophers, novels and humourists to the Byron Bay Writers Festival for  the sharing of ideas, and inspiration … and drinking coffee in the sunshine. It is quite ‘the setup’ for us, having grown with the festival for over 18 years now. We set up a complete coffee cart as sponsorship of the Writers very own Green Room; and then we fit out 2 full cafe marquees – with a total of 7 espresso machines and 11 grinders, 3 registers and 7 printers on site for 4 days! Sounds ridiculous but true. IT does take a lot of weeks prior to plan and pack and make sure all the equipment is primed ready to go. With our pretty well experienced team of baristas and servers, we were all up for producing quick as can be espresso coffees, leaf tea, chai and chocolate and a range of sweet treats to the Festival patrons. This year with superb customer awareness of reducing waste, we served hundreds of BYO cups over the weekend. All manner of shapes and sizes were brought in; some quite creative, with gorgeous pottery and the odd jam jar with a Zentveld’s keep cup band, bringing delight to we Baristas. Many of ‘our regulars’ brought in their Keep Cups they bought from us years ago – dug out of the cupboard specially for festival time. Lovely to see the older originals come through with our regulars. All credit to Festival Director Edwina ….  for a really strong program this year. Particularly thought provoking and inspiring; with standing ovations for A.C Grayling, and the 2 ‘Tims’ Costello and Flannery being of particular interest to this blog writer/ coffee director/ and one who wishes she could enjoy getting to more sessions each year!  

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