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Try a finer grind than the standard plunger/drip grind. For example, our stove top espresso grind. The finer grind extracts more body and flavour into the brew. It’s quicker too – so you can enjoy plunger coffee without the wait time. You’ll note the darker brew colour with more dissolved solids to enjoy in the cup. Just don’t sip the sludgy bit at the bottom!


Do it upside down! This might seem weird, but it works really well. The upside down method allows the brew to ‘brew’ longer without dripping  into your cup. So invert, fill the top vessel with a couple of spoons of medium fine espresso ground coffee (select Grind A for Aeropress when ordering with us), then pour water at just below boiling point. Stir a few times, and a wait a minute or so.

Flip onto your cup or jug and press down, allowing the vacuum pressure to extract all those lovely rich flavours and body into the best long black at home or on holidays you can ask for! Roastmistress Rebecca’s favourite. Doesn’t leave the house before enjoying one, and takes it on travels.

View the youtube clip below to see how it’s done!

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Stovetop’s or Moka Pot’s have been around for almost 80 years. They have been a staple piece of coffee brewing equipment in just about every European household. As we revisit coffee brewing and not just focus on espresso, the Stovetop has made itself part of the new age coffee enthusiast’s arsenal. Originally made from aluminium they are now available in stainless steel induction which has ignited a healthy debate over which provides the best result in the cup.

How to get the best brew from your Stovetop:

  1. Always leave your pot unassembled when not in use to help prevent scale or sweating within the chamber.
  2. Clean your pot with hot water only, not detergent, and try to use filtered water if possible.
  3. Try not to overfill when packing ground coffee. Simply fill the basket and lightly collapse as you would making espresso coffee. Then swipe your finger across the top to remove excess grinds (do not tamp).
  4. Place your heat source on a medium heat, as you want your ideal extraction to be approximately 3-4 minutes. If the extraction process is too fast, the coffee will taste sour. If the extraction process is too slow, you will achieve a sharp, bitter taste.
  5. If you’re starting to see the coffee expel down the sides of your water chamber during extraction, it is probably time to change your seal.
  6. Once your coffee base is made, here’s a great trick for making a fast white style coffee at home. First, heat some milk in a cup in your microwave or in a pot on the stove, then place it in a plunger and plunger 5-6 times. This will deliver a deliciously creamy textured milk. Next, pour the milk out of the plunger and into your coffee base from your Stovetop.

Courtesy of Michael Hunter – Coffee Snobs


  1. Bring enough water to just below the boil in order to brew the coffee and preheat the brewer.
  2. Place any style paper filter (we recommend Chemex Filter Papers) into the brewer, and dampen the filter with the heated water.
  3. Keep the filter in place and dispose of the preheated water.
  4. Add one tablespoon of medium ground coffee (select Grind A when ordering with Zentveld’s) to the filter for every 150ml of water to be used.
  5. Start a timer. Pour in just enough water to saturate all the grounds evenly. Allow to bloom for 35 seconds.
  6. After the bloom, slowly pour in the remaining pre-measured water using a circular motion. Pace yourself to complete pouring at around 3:30.
  7. Discard the filter and grounds.
  8. Pour your perfectly brewed coffee from the spout (without the vent tube), sip and enjoy!

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Here are 3 ways to brew cold brew coffee …

Immersion Coffee:

Coffee: 1060 grams

Water: 8480 grams

Water-to-Coffee Ratio: 8:1

Grind size: Medium Coarse (Select Grind A when ordering with Zentveld’s)

Steep Time: 18 hours 20 minutes

  1. Grind coffee and place in a large jug/container.
  2. Fill the jug/container with cold water, making sure all the grounds are saturated (give it a good stir).
  3. Let the coffee keep for just over 18 hours.
  4. Filter out the coffee grounds and store the brew in the fridge.

Ice Drip Coffee Using the Bruer Cold Brew System:

Coffee: 60 grams

Water: 660 grams

Water-to-Coffee Ratio: 11:1

Grind size: Medium (Select Grind B when ordering with Zentveld’s)

Drip speed: 1 drip per every 0.8 seconds

Hours: 9.91 hours

  1. Insert filter at the bottom of coffee cylinder.
  2. Place ground coffee in cylinder, and shake or tap gently to level the grounds. Place filter on top of grounds.
  3. Saturate the surface and perimeter of the coffee bed with approximately 200ml of water, ensuring entire perimeter is wetted and you can see damp grounds the whole way as you rotate the cylinder.
  4. Load water into the upper vessels above the coffee cylinder (you can also use a combination of water and ice to brew cold; just make sure the total weight of water and ice is the total allotted for the recipe).
  5. Set drip rate to 75 drops/min (1 every 0.8 seconds). Monitor and adjust (maintain) drip rate if necessary (every 90 minutes).

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3. Japanese Iced Method using the Brewista Brewer:

Coffee: 40 grams

Grind size: Medium (Select Grind B when ordering with Zentveld’s)

Water: 422 grams

Ice: 239 grams

Water-to-Coffee Ratio: 17:1

Brew time: 3:45

  1. Rinse the filter and tip out the water from the Brewista.
  2. Add 239 grams of ice to the bottom of the Brewista and replace the filter.
  3. Add ground coffee to the filter and pour 30-40 grams of water, making sure to wet all the grounds evenly.
  4. Let coffee bloom for 30 seconds.
  5. Pour water in a circular motion over the grounds up to 250g total. Let the water line fall for 20-30 seconds.
  6. Pour the remaining water (up to 422 grams) in the same circular motion and let the coffee drain from the filter. Final brew time should be 3:45.

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Zentveld’s Coffee Farm and Roastery acknowledges the traditional custodians of the Bundjalung Nation. We pay respect to the Arakwal people and recognise their continuing connection to land, sea and waters. We pay our respects to Elders past, present and future.

Zentveld’s Coffee Farm and Roastery acknowledges the traditional custodians of the Bundjalung Nation. We pay respect to the Arakwal people and recognise their continuing connection to land, sea and waters. We pay our respects to Elders past, present and future.

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