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Farm Regeneration and Care

Sustainability - Care for our land, Wildlife and Waterways.

Blessed with the cooler microclimate of the subtropics, we grow our coffee naturally without harmful pesticides. We just don’t have the pests and diseases that are prevalent in the hotter climates of all the other coffee lands around the equator.

Our cooler climate brings the natural benefits of a longer ripening season with real sweetness in the bean. With organic inputs, bird and worm friendly, we find biological practises are better for the overall health of our soils, our coffee trees and the land and waterways that we are caretakers of Registered Land for Wildlife, we established creek line rainforest regeneration and wildlife corridors for biodiversity, 20 years ago.

Regenerative farmers

On Zentveld’s property we actively grow cover crops such as the legume pinto peanuts to add nitrogen to the soil naturally, and soft, low growing grasses to cool the soil and form a nice matt cover right up to the tree trunks to minimise mowing and weed growth. We don’t add any chemical agri-fertilisers at all. On the path to soil regeneration, we are  excited to introduce new practices every year, enhancing the microbial life in our soils.

Carbon farming, carbon drawndown.

Why not reduce our inputs and carbon footprint if we can? Local growers use minimal water in processing compared to many coffee-growing nations as we invest in the latest water-saving equipment. We return all our crop and ‘waste’ matter from processing and tree trimmings as mulch or compost for our soil health and water holding power – adding resiliency for drought times. Being friendly with food producers, what is waste to one, is mulch to us, so we happily accept other organic material such as hemp husk to mulch our 40 acres of coffee trees. With so few growers amidst horticultural diversity, there is no monoculture, or over-cropping across the few pockets of coffee growing in Australia. The sustainability and ‘green’ farming practices of our local coffee growers is something we can be quite proud of. We will be measuring our carbon footprint and drawdown too, stay tuned.

Zentveld’s are members of Soilcare and our land is registered with Land for Wildlife. We have a long history of putting our hand up for scientific trials and to implement new environmental strategies or analysis with both local and further afield Universities and the Department of Agriculture. We are implementing some exciting agri-ecology practices and are happy to continue learning how best we can look after our soils, healthy waterways, caring for country and creating habitats for wildlife – for the good of our planet.

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