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Good Taste First

At Zentveld’s we strive for Good Taste First.
We bring to you our Roasting skills experience:

We vacuum pack and nitrogen gas flush every batch of coffee on its day of roasting.  

  • This locks in lasting freshness, aroma and crema for you to enjoy when ready to open the bag.
  • Best before date 12 months, from 6th Oct. 21.
  • * Nitrogen food grade gas is totally harmless and tasteless – adding it displaces the residual air, as it is heavier than oxygen. (Nitrogen gas is also used in packets of crackers, muesli, crisps etc.) 
  • Teas, drinking chocolate, chocolate beans have 18months or more best before date.



We really focus on Consistency of roast and blend profiles. Reproducing the same roast profile and blend recipe with skill so your chosen coffee meets your taste expectations year in and out.)  If you love Ernesto – we want you to love Ernesto in 5 years’ time too! 

In saying that, coffee beans are the seed of a plant. So nuances of nature, and ‘place’ as well as human interventions will affect the bean’s potential for good taste in the cup. If we find a bean isn’t quite offering the taste characteristics that we have loved (and been used to getting) than we will make small adjustments to the roast and blend recipe in order to deliver as close as possible, the taste profile that we are each looking for. 

  • We taste test daily, pulling samples post roasting and over the following week too, through our Roastery Coffee House tasting space.
  • Rebecca loves working on new blends, to extend the range of good taste offerings – for your interest as well as hers!

.. We enjoy extending and developing our coffee range as we discover new coffee origins, and how farm processing affects the cupping qualities and flavour potential of beans sourced both near and far.

. If we can tweak the blend for superior cupping characteristics than we will!

.. life is a process of learning, and if we can do things better and for Good Taste we will.



We extend our Good Taste Offerings to include all that Baristas may seek.

  • Whether you are a home barista, office or cafe business, our good taste range extends to selections of organic decaf, hot chocolate, chai, leaf & pyramid teas and our beloved chocolate espresso beans.
  • We respect the Decaf Drinker with a delicious, all organic, water processed decaffeinated coffee. Seriously appreciated for its good taste. 
  • We claim our drinking chocolate as ‘superb’.  Made to our recipe – just pure cocoa and Australian sugar. Nothing else. G. F, D.F Vegan friendly deliciousness!
  • Our chocolate espresso beans are just maybe the best ever .. Australian estate ‘peaberry’ beans smothered in pure coverture chocolate just 4km away. Keeping it local.

Our investment in packaging equipment and processes, ensure we offer you lasting freshness and consistency as we strive for Good Taste First.

    • Diedrich Roasters – a true specialty coffee roaster, made in Idaho, USA.
    • Fine Swiss-made Ditting Grinders.
    • Specialty coffee industry Canadian made vacuum packing and nitrogen gas flushing equipment.
    • Specialty Australian made coffee bags.
    • Teas from reputable Importers, including real Fair Trade & Organic Tradewinds offerings. 
    • Chocolate coating – collaborating with local Macadamia farming business for specialty chocolate coating services. Low food miles and community considerations.



  • Packing efficiently and personally with care. No robots! Small team here at Zentvelds Coffee, focused on customer orders and daily dispatch. 
  • We endeavour to dispatch your order within twenty-four hours of receipt.
  • We want you to be enjoying our coffee as soon as possible after placing your order with us.


  • As farmers, and a specialty coffee business, we thank you for choosing our coffee! We know many of you want to choose Australian and have delighted that you have found Australian coffee.

We want to extend that respect in our supply chain. It matters who we choose our goods and services from, too.

We choose Australian Made packaging and printing wherever possible – so our bags and cartons and stickers/cards are all printed locally.


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