Why We Love The AeroPress…

01 July 2020
Category: Tips

Bec’s tips on how easy it is and why it is her favourite brew for home, work and travel.





Well, first of all, it makes great, smooth black coffee. It is so simple to use. Easy to clean. Use it at home. Take it to work or away with you. It’s compact and not breakable.  All you need is to add boiling water – and I repeat – so easy to clean!

The’ immersion’  brew method brings out body and character – but somehow smooth and without overt acidity or bitterness. What a fine thing to come out of the USA!



Tip of the day for the Aeropress

immersion brewing : the upside-down way.

Try the upside-down method. It prevents any drips, whilst brewing.
It might seem a bit strange at first.

  • Pull apart the AeroPress
  • Place your paper filter into the plastic gridded cap, then damp with water, flatten in place and put aside.  Or use your  stainless steel filter, which doesn’t need dampening.
  • Rinse the rubber seal part to dampen it, then slot the vacuum /coffee chamber just over the top so it is just ‘sealed’.
  • Place the whole thing upside down on the bench.
  • Fill a few spoonfuls of coffee – to the level as you like it, in the chamber as usual.
  • For black coffee try  Ernesto Roast Espresso / AeroPress 
  • For coffee with milk try  Reserve 01 Espresso / AeroPress
  • Add freshly boiled water and stir a few times.
  • Place the filter cap with paper/ stainless steel filter on top, twist to tighten in place.
  • Meanwhile finish preparing breakfast for say 1-2 minutes, while it brews.
  • Then turn the whole Aeropress over your cup, and press down slowly and carefully, as usual, allowing the immersive brew method to extract into your cup.
  • Enjoy sweetness and complexity, rounded body and with less bitterness than other homebrew espresso style coffee.
  • … and clean up is a breeze with the simple satisfying ‘click’ of the coffee puck into your compost bin.. and a quick hot rinse afterwards. You can even rinse your paper filter and use 3-4 times before composting. How little waste is that!


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