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We recommend that you buy your coffee as you would your bread – fresh and often. Freshly roasted beans, freshly ground always gives the best tasting cup and aroma delight.

Store your coffee in the bag we pack it in.  It’s a really good quality coffee bag that has been vacuum packed, with a one way valve leaving only the aromatic goodness, and no air.  The kilo bags of beans we nitrogen flush to further ensure any air is displaced out of the bag. We freshly grind to order 500g and 1kg coffees – so super roaster fresh before they are vacuum packed. We suggest a 9 month best before date .. rather unnecessary for most of us who enjoy our coffee within a month. Once you have opened the bag, take out what you require each time and then push out the air, roll up the end of the bag nice and tight and wrap a rubber band around it. Simple!

Now for storage. Coffee absorbs moisture from the surrounding environment so  do not leave your bag open. Storing in a dark, dry place is best to maintaining the quality and freshness of your coffee. Away from heat or sunshine. We like to keep some beans in our home grinder, but the rest in our bag in the freezer for longer term storage. Really? Yes, food scientists recommend the freezer for longer term storage, as it delays the staling or breakdown of the volatile coffee oils. Just dont leave the bag open!

If coffee is exposed to air and oxygen, the natural oils begin to evaporate. This will result in the coffee losing flavour and becoming stale. 

*All our beans are vacuum packed the day of roasting and further are flushed with food grade nitrogen to displace any extra air.  We pack into metalised foil specially made coffee bags with one way valves – locking in flavour and aroma for lasting freshness.

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