local coffee specialists

20 June 2017
Category: Beans & Brews

 Love Local Coffee

We do think of ourselves as the local coffee specialists. Our aim from our beginnings in 1993 was to become this through sourcing premium quality beans from individual Australian estates and developing the roast profiles to bring out the regional nuances and characteristics of the beans. We’ve gotten to know and really love local coffee over the years.
We’re grower-roasters who buy from other growers’ estates too. By practicing real fair trade in Australia, Zentveld’s rewards growers with premium prices for their quality Arabica coffee. We have a strong relationship with our local growers and we understand the history of each bag of coffee; sometimes receiving the harvested ‘cherry’ or  dried ‘parchment’ coffee direct from the grower and doing the processing, hulling and grading work ourselves. This further ensures quality control and helps us gain real knowledge of the green bean and it’s expected characteristics prior to the roasting.