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Accessories we sell for home, office, cafe or restaurant:

Barista tools.

Coffee equipment.

Cleaning products.


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  • button to buy milk steaming jugs Quick View

    Milk Steaming Jugs

    $13.50$20.00 Stainless Steel Milk Steaming Jugs in 950ml, 600ml and…Select options
  • button to buy cocoa shaker Quick View

    Cocoa Shaker

    $10.00 This cocoa or drinking chocolate shaker is ideal for…Add to cart
  • button to buy take away cup lids Quick View

    Zentveld’s 4 Cup Carry Tray

    $8.25$27.50 Zentveld's fully recyclable 4 cup carry tray. Fits our 8oz,…Select options
  • button to buy coffee tamper mat Quick View

    Coffee Tamper Mat

    $8.00 Protects your portafilter & bench from damage.Add to cart
  • Out Of Stock
    button to buy zentveld's white china Quick View

    Zentveld’s White China

    $2.75$49.50 Our white china range with purple Zentveld's logo. Simple.…Select options
  • button to buy zentveld's glassware Quick View

    Zentveld’s Glassware

    $4.95$5.50 Stackable latte glasses with etched  Zentveld's logo.Select options
  • button t buy stainless steel measuring spoon Quick View

    Stainless Steel Measuring Spoon

    $7.50 20ml measuring spoon, perfect for measuring ground coffee, tea or chocolate…Add to cart
  • -20%
    Zentvelds grinder brush natural bristle Quick View

    Grinder Cleaning Brush

    $8.00 Designed for keeping your grinder and machine clean of…Add to cart
  • button to buy stainless steel blind filter Quick View

    Stainless Steel Blind Filter

    $10.00 Stainless steel blind filter (58mm) for backflushing espresso machines.Add to cart
  • button to buy rubber blind filter Quick View

    Rubber Blind Filter

    $8.00 Rubber blind filter 50mm for backflushing for domestic use.Add to cart
  • Evo & Zentvelds branded espresso machine cleaner bundle Quick View

    Evo Espresso Machine Cleaner

    $12.00$34.50 The original organic espresso machine cleaner. Home / office…Select options
  • button to buy dairy cleaner and sanitiser Quick View

    Dairy Cleaner and Sanitiser

    $38.50 900g Dairy Cleaner and Sanitiser for various machines. Great…Add to cart
  • Product image Quick View

    Cafetto Milk Steamer Cleaner 1L

    $25.00 1 Litre Milk steamer solution for milk scum and…Add to cart
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    measure glass by Rhino Quick View

    Barista Shot Glass – Rhinowares

    $11.00 Barista Shot Glass -heavy quality glass. With  15-20-30-40 increments…Add to cart
  • button to buy tea ball infuser Quick View

    Tea Ball Infuser

    $4.40 Stainless steel tea ball infuser with 11cm handle.Add to cart

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