3 Pack x 200g Taster Special

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Not sure which blend to choose? Why not try our three most popular 100% Australian coffees. Sourced from our estate, and just 2 others. A fine introduction to our range.

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The 3 Pack x 200g Taster Special features our best selling – pure Australian estate blends.

Byron Blend

Full bodied and well balanced with a smooth, nutty and dry finish. Stronger, 2 roast level of washed and a little naturals.  In contrast to Ernesto or Reserve 01, it has great mouth feel across the palate when prepared as cappuccino, flat white & lattes, and ideal as a plunger, Aeropress or brewed coffee with milk. 100% Australian grown.

Reserve 01

Rich, spicy chocolate notes with depth and character. A blend of washed and naturals, it is a fuller bodied blend with less acidity. Enjoy spicy fruitcake flavours, great middle palate with rounded body, wonderful crema and aroma. It is perfect as espresso or macchiato and works beautifully with milk too. 100% Australian grown.

Ernesto Roast

Delicious chocolate biscuit notes, very smooth and medium bodied. Fully washed local coffee at a mid-level medium roast brings out the natural sweetness and real chocolaty flavour of the local beans. Enjoy as espresso, long black, or piccolo latte. 100% Australian grown.

Choose whether you require whole bean, espresso ground or plunger/drip ground from the drop menu.