• 75g Trio or pure Dark choc beans

3 Pack X 200g Taster with Chocolate Espresso Beans

$45.00 $40.00


This Valentine’s Day, treat your Coffee Lover or lover of coffee in your life … with surprise, yes chocolate!

Special includes:

  • 3 x 200g Pack Taster Special: Try our three most popular 100% Australian coffees – Byron Blend, Reserve 01 and Ernesto Roast. Sourced from our estate, and just 2 others. A fine introduction to our range.


  • Small 75g Chocolate Espressobeans! Choose either Trio or Pure Dark

Price: WAS $45   NOW ONLY $40


It’s Valentine’s Day soon..
So treat your beloved with chocolate and coffee to start the day right. Or perhaps end right?
Select a jar of chocolate espressobeans – pure Dark or the Trio of Dark, Milk & White coverture chocolate.

OR… ignore the whole Valentine’s Day scene and think of this offering as a fine Gift Selection for those who haven’t discovered our Australian deliciousness yet!

A true taste of our Aussie coffee finest.
Grown on our farm and only one other Australian estate. Finished off with fine coverture chocolate. Which is done for us specially just down the road and round 2 corners. (Literally that close.)