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Barista Blend


A great all rounder : well balanced, smooth global blend designed for espresso coffee pleasure.


Barista Blend:

Barista Blend consists of 5 Arabica beans selected from across the continents of Africa, the Pacific and Central and South America.
Produced for easy drinking smooth espresso. Not bitter nor too acidic. Just nice and smooth – not too light, not too strong.
We reckon it delivers creamy body and rich mouth feel, with nutty almond notes and a sweet rounded finish.
Furthermore, you can enjoy across the range – as espresso, plunger, long black or milk based coffees.

500g and 1kg packets available in whole bean, plunger/drip ground or espresso ground – customized to your espresso machine – please choose appropriate grind size from drop menu.

Vacuum packed into 1kg bags with one way degassing valve, on the day of roasting. Fresh ground 500g or 1kilo bags to order,  then re-vacuum packed to lock out the air and moisture.

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