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FULL BODIED & STRONG RANGE -The Fix, Zencafe, Big Bold Blend

$86.50 $77.00

3 ‘full bodied and strong’ blends :  Sample pure Australian estate grown coffee plus blends with  our nearest neighbours and across the globe.

 ONLY $77 :  3 x 500g Coffee inc freight and 50g Chocolate Coated Beans.





Full Bodied & Strong : the top 3 blends

Here are our recommendations for the stronger, darker roasts within our range. Each designed for those of you who love a real morning coffee ‘fix.’ Coffee blends that can take your chosen milk and let the flavour shine through.

We’re offering a ‘taster special’ of all three blends in 500g bags. Available in whole bean, espresso ground or plunger/drip ground.

The Fix

Our strongest pure Australian estate blend. Created as a counterpoint to the trend of lighter roasts. For those who enjoy a ‘proper hit’, that lighter roasts just don’t deliver. A flat white with body, depth and lasting flavour that ‘survives’ the milk. If you have tasted our Byron Blend, but want more oomph, then the ‘The Fix’ brings it on with the darker roast profile within the blend.

Big Bold Blend

A robust blend with exotic spicy depth, rich body and intensity. This global espressoblend produces excellent crema and is well balanced without bitterness. A truly complex blend of 5 nations delivers depth of flavour, lively aroma and great body in any milk based coffee.


Finally, for the first time ever we offer natural process, spray free coffee from our very own farm in the hills behind Byron Bay blended with one QLD estate, and select organic Indonesian Mandheling and small shareholder lots from the hillsides of PNG. Enjoy a touch of brightness with blueberry and citrus notes followed by warming spicy body and big mouthfeel. A full flavoured coffee superb with milk.