knock out tube – kitchen counter


Small benchtop sized knockout tube for your used espresso grinds. Black rubber base keeps it in place. New design – ergonomic for hand space.

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Good size for small kitchen space, alongside your espresso machine.

Well made with the angled top helping to catch the coffee grinds as you bang the ‘used espresso coffee basket’ on the solid rubber ‘knock out’ tube. It feels nice and weighty. Solid.

The knock out tube comes out for easy cleaning. Pop the used coffee grounds into your compost bin or sprinkle liberally around shrubs or garden beds.  Especially good to keep away snails as they wont cross the used espresso grinds .. not liking the gritty texture. haha. Take that, snails. Coffee loving plants include the ones prone to benefit more from acidity. Eg camellias, azaleas.

The rubber base keeps it in place on the benchtop without sliding away from you.