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Put real fresh coffee through your pod machine! We can grind our coffee fresh and super fine. Just top with the espresso sticker and pod-away.  SealPod is the coffee capsule compatible with Nespresso®* range  and other machines too.

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Sealpod Reusable Capsule Kit : less cost per serve, and less waste to the environment.

SealPod is the Nespresso®* compatible coffee capsule that you can put real coffee in~ Whoo hoo! refillable! reusable! reduce waste. Phew. So you can now buy freshly ground to order coffee from us which will suit your SealPod and pod machine and taste way betterand cost you likely half what you’ve been paying for the branded pod-coffees.

This reusable coffee pod is designed to last a lifetime, so helps the environment and your pocket.

Fill one with real espresso coffee and the other with leaf tea or chocolate if you like! SealPod gives you the freedom to use your Nespresso®* coffee machine with real  espresso coffee, loose-leaf tea or hot chocolate so you’re not constrained to the pre-filled branded coffee capsules.

Simply fill, tamp, using the base of scoop, and seal with the stickers, to enjoy a barista style cup of coffee at home. You can also fill and store using the fresh cover.

2 Pack Kit contains:

  • 2 Stainless Steel Reusable Capsules
  • 2 Fresh Cover
  • 100 Espresso Sticker Lids
  • 1 Scoop

More about SealPod capsules:

  • Made of 100% stainless steel with a silicone ring.
  • Easy to clean – simply rinse with water after each use.
  • More cost-effective than buying pre-packaged, disposable capsules
  • Compatible with Kitchen Aid and the Nespresso®* machines, including Inissia, U, Pixie, Citiz, Maestria, Lattissima, Essenza, Le Cube, Creatista, Wacaco Minipresso NS, Prodigio, Expert and Concept.

Coffee not included. Choose any Zentvelds blend .. 500g or 1kilo bag and grind D SealPod option and we will grind to order for you, and then vacuum pack  on the day of your order. How Fresh is that! * Store ground coffee in it’s coffee bag – just roll down bag and tighten to remove air, with a rubber band. Keep out the air and store for longer time, in the freezer .

Shop for Zentvelds coffees  HERE

Biodegradable Sticker Lids sold separately HERE

  • Fully biodegradable – the best NO WASTE solution. These suit leaf tea and drinking chocolate as well as smooth ( not so strong) espresso coffee.

Espresso Sticker Lids sold  as an option to the Biodegradable SealPod stickers. Sold HERE

  • Espresso sticker lids are made with more solid aluminium that slows down the pour .. so you get a fuller bodied espresso extraction than the Biodegradable Sticker Lid.

Reduce your footprint! Make your pod machine work more considerately for the environment by reducing waste. Australians use a shocking 3 million coffee capsules every day, which is over 1 billion a year!  Not only is devastating on the environment but also on our pocket with pods costing more than double the equivalent cost of ground coffee. SO if you have a pod machine -these reusable coffee capsules are the perfect answer to quality coffee with minimal waste footprint.