SMOOTH AND SWEET RANGE 3x 500g ea : Ernesto, Pacific, Barista Blend + 50g choc bean


3 blends of washed coffees from our Australian estates, nearest neighbours and across the globe.

 ONLY $70:  3 x 500g Coffee and we throw in 50g Chocolate Coated Beans.

Our chosen ‘smooth and sweet’ blends.


Smooth and Sweet Range: The top 3 blends

Our smooth and sweet range is perfect for the long black drinker, or those who like ‘just a touch’ of milk.  Medium roasts, not too light, not too dark. We’ve narrowed down some options that fit the ‘sweet coffee’ profile in our range for you to try.

We’re offering a ‘taster special’ of all three blends in 500g bags. Available in whole bean, espresso ground or plunger/drip ground.

Ernesto Roast

100% Australian grown coffee with 50% from our own Zentveld’s estate. Pure washed process, practically organic and naturally spray free. Delicious chocolate biscuit notes, very smooth and medium bodied. This mid-level roast brings out the natural sweetness and real chocolaty flavour of the 100% local Aussie beans. Enjoy as espresso, long black, or piccolo latte. Beautiful as black plunger coffee, or Aeropress.

Barista Blend

A great all rounder, well balanced, smooth global blend. The 6 beans in this blend are selected from across the continents of Africa, the Pacific and the Americas, including certified organic beans from high altitude estates of Central and South America. This complex blend delivers creamy body and rich mouth feel, with nutty almond notes and a sweet rounded finish. Enjoy across the range – as espresso, plunger or 3rd wave brewing methods, long black or smooth milk based coffees.

Pacific Blend

Sourcing from the rich volcanic soils of the Pacific Rim, we offer this sweet, clean, well balanced blend of our nearest neighbours along with Australian beans. For the Pacific Blend we have chosen select Australian estates with organic Indonesian Mandheling and small farm shareholder lots from the highlands of PNG. It’s sweet, well balanced with an increased hit of caffeine than our 100% Australian estate blends.