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The Fix


The Fix was created as a counterpoint to the trend of lighter roasts. Full flavoured, aromatic, 3 roast level blend. Our strongest 100% Australian grown coffee blend.


The Fix:

Ah that’s what I’m looking for. A real coffee fix.

For those who enjoy a proper hit of full coffee flavour that lighter roasts just don’t deliver.
Make yourself a flat white with body, depth and lasting flavour that survives the milk.
With more oomph than our Byron Blendthis blend of roasts includes our darker roast profile. at ‘full city’ roast level. It can still be enjoyed as black coffee. It isn’t bitter or scary. Not over roasted! Just a good well balanced 3 roast level blend.

* This is our strongest pure Australian coffee blend. Seeking stronger or fuller caffeinated? Go Global with our Big Bold Blend. Our 5 nation blend designed to live up to its brief!

500g and 1kg packets available in whole bean, plunger/drip ground or espresso ground – which can be customised to your espresso machine – please choose appropriate grind size from the drop menu.

Roaster fresh:

Vacuum packed into bags with one way degassing valve, within 24 hours of roasting.