• The Naturals 3 pack special
  • 500g/ 1kg ZEN CAFE

The ‘Naturals’ 3 x 500g bags: 30mile, Bayside & Zen Cafe.


3 espresso blends featuring our own sundried ‘naturals’. Grown organically on Zentvelds coffee farm.  ‘Naturals’ impart rounded richness into an espresso coffee.  A fine introduction to our fuller bodied espresso blends.


The ‘Naturals’ 3 ways :

3 x 500g packs. 1 each 30 mile, Bayside Blend & Zen Cafe.

Each blend features  Zentveld’s Estate sundried ‘natural’ coffee.
What do we mean by that? Well, it’s when the ripe coffee fruit are allowed to over-ripen, and they shrivel up naturally on the tree. Rather like raisins or prunes – when allowed to dry ‘naturally, the fruit becomes more intense, and imparts more nuanced and well-rounded richness – a  bit of backbone to the coffee! The acidity drops  in the dried fruit – so it’s less of the fresh fruit notes, more of the dried fruit richness within the coffee bean, ready to be unlocked through our roasting process. We like to add naturals to blends aimed for espresso coffee. Espresso extraction draws out the acidity. So to start with less acidity naturally in the bean is often pleasing to the espresso drinker, with it’s rounded richness imparting a fuller espresso experience. Balanced with fully ‘washed’ coffees (fresh ripe red fruit)  – from our estate or others, and perhaps adding 2 or 3 roast levels; allows our Roast Mistress to offer up a range of coffee experiences; each with their own nuances and interest.

Each one of these blends showcases our Zentveld estate ‘naturals’.

Grown naturally without sprays, using only organic inputs too! 

Special includes:

Bayside Blend – Deep & rich – one of our stronger Australian blends. 3 roast profile complexity with more than 50% from our coffee farm. 100% Australian estate grown.

Zen Cafe’ – Our very own homegrown coffee spiced up with organic Indonesian and PNG ‘neighbour’ beans. A 25-year anniversary blend!

30 Mile Blend – 30 Mile Blend is a truly local coffee. We should call it “zero mile’ as we are offering this as a true taste of Zentvelds estate. Organically grown on our farm and occasionally from only one other Northern Rivers, NSW estate.  Our single estate coffee. Rare and wonderful!

Choose whether you require whole bean, espresso ground to suit your machine – or plunger/drip ground from the drop menu.