Local coffee is rare

30 August 2017
Category: Beans & Brews

Our local beans really are rare. There is just not enough Australian coffee grown to meet the interest in our delicious, naturally spray free, naturally lower caffeine, real low-mile coffee. Sigh.

Alas we just don’t have enough growers (or enough land ourselves) to meet the growing interest across Australia and beyond. We are frequently asked to supply Australian green bean to other roasters, but as quantities are short, we have to decline many a request both locally and for export.

We do proudly offer small lots exclusively to our Portland, Oregon USA importer, Omaroo Coffee.  So select cafes and offices, friends and families across the USA who seek Australian good taste and preference for naturally spray free, sustainable and real fair trade farming practices can seek out our beans for their enjoyment.

For over 24 years we have practiced real fair trade – paying true premiums for local coffee, which reflects it’s rare status and provides a real fair income to our local growers. Truly, as roasters we pay many dollars more per kilo for our finest Australian beans than we do for any premium quality foreign beans – even those with organic, fair trade or rainforest alliance status. However, we wish to remain competitive and feel we offer our beans at most reasonable prices across Australia to those who ‘love to buy Australian’ and choose Australian grown produce.

We do think of ourselves as the Australian coffee specialists, being at the forefront of the Australian coffee industry as specialty roasters to cafes and businesses, homes and offices, since 1993. So we hope you will love our local beans as much as we do!

love local coffee!