Spring Flowers – fragrant coffee blossoms a’plenty

16 October 2017
Category: Farm News

The rains came, and so did the flowering! Right on time, 10 days after decent rain, flowers set. We had an extensive 3 months of dry weather, so the rain falling was very welcome – even though it was over the October long weekend. The trees were laden with coffee blossoms – wonderful to experience.

The scent is absolutely beautiful –  of sweet jasmine across the plantation and right up to our roastery door. But fleeting! Only 2-3 day later, the little buds start forming the new season’s fruit. We expect successive flowering over the spring-summer season, for more fabulous fruit set.

With our 4 bee hives placed amongst the coffee rows this past year, the bees were absolutely beserk! Busy busy, happy buzzing, nectar collecting, pollinating magic! So wonderful to see.

The rain also softens the coffee cherry allowing it come off much easier when harvested. We just waited a few days for the first flush of flowering to finish. (hmm that was alot of F’s.)

With John behind the wheel of our harvester and Chris and Andy working the processing, they’ve all been super hard at work removing the coffee cherry from the trees into the field bins and taken to our processing shed.

We’re only half way there so far, and with quite a bit of rain expected next week (yay!) it could be another week before we’ve finished. Even so, It’s such an exciting time of year for us Zentveld’s!


flowering trees

flowers and rows


tree top flowering

bees on flowers