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Big Bold Blend


Big Bold Blend is a proper, classic strong espresso blend with fine flavour that shines through milk. Our strongest global blend. Go Boldly!


Big Bold Blend:

Big Bold Blend is a robust espresso blend with exotic spicy depth, rich body and intensity,  that shines through milk.

A truly complex blend of 5 nations, that together produce a really well rounded balanced espresso blend with excellent crema.

With it’s intense espresso base it provides lasting flavour through your cappuccino, flat white or caffe latte. Well suited for larger cup sizes, but so creamy rich as piccolo latte too. Happy sigh.

500g and 1kg packets available in whole bean, plunger/drip ground or espresso ground – customised to your espresso machine

Roaster fresh:

Vacuum packed into 1kg bags with one way degassing valve, on the day of roasting. Fresh ground 500g or 1kilo bags to order,  then re-vacuum packed to lock out the air and moisture.