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Coffee Press To-Go


With it’s durably crafted, double-walled, ultra-insulated stainless steel body, the Coffee Press To-Go will brew your coffee and keep it hot for hours – Bru-Stop halts brewing once pressed so prevents bitterness from over brewing. Brew-Go-Sip. 600ml big travel brew stays hot.

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The Steel Toe Coffee Press To-Go Travel Press from Planetary Design is an excellent brewer for those who love to travel and sip for a few hours.
Featuring patented Bru-Stop press technology and ultra-insulated stainless steel. With its double-walled, ultra-insulated stainless steel body, this travel press flask will brew your coffee and keep it hot for hours. *The only thing is.. it has too many names! We’ll just call it the Coffee Press To-Go.
Planetary Design, based on Montana USA worked some magic with their Bru-Stop press technology. Designed to create a physical barrier between the grounds and the brewed coffee, once it is fully pressed down, brewing is halted, preventing over-extracted, bitter coffee. YAY! With the Coffee Press To-Go, you can brew your coffee just the way you like it, without the need to decant into another cup to enjoy. Really it’s a travel plunger .. only better with its ultra fine Bru-Stop filter and plate halting the brew process.
Keeps coffee, chai or tea infusion hot, fresh and smooth for ages!

Simply add plunger (coarse-ish) ground coffee to the press, and pour nearly boiling water over the grounds to brew. Place the Bru-Stop press screen on top of the plunger, wait 2-5 minutes, then press down on the plunger and enjoy.

Material: Double-walled, Stainless Steel and BPA-free plastic
Brushed Steel finish is not too shiny. Easy to grip.
Size: 20oz/590ml

Please note: It is recommended that this product be hand washed only. Don’t add to dishwasher!
Designed and engineered in Montana, USA. Manufactured to Planetary Designs specifications in China.