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Ernesto Roast


This mid-level roast brings out the natural sweetness and real chocolaty flavour of Zentvelds and select Northern Rivers NSW & Qld estates. Fully washed process.
Rarer than ever.
100% Australian grown coffee.

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Ernesto Roast:

100% Australian estate grown coffee with 50% from our own Zentveld’s estate. Rarer than ever, with demand outstripping our supply, alas.
Pure washed process, practically organic and naturally spray free. Delicious chocolate biscuit notes, very smooth and medium bodied.

Tasters are constantly surprised with just how chocolaty Australian coffee is. It has mid level acidity, adding brightness in the cup.

Most noteworthy is it is named in honour of Dr. Ernesto Illy. Rebecca is ever chuffed with the quote from Dr. Illy, after he visited our plantation and roastery in 1997 “ this roast produces a perfect espresso – a balance of sweetness, body and acidity.” Wow, we are still impressed!

Recipient of 7 medals for espresso – short black and plunger coffee classes in The Sydney Royal Fine Food Show for the 6 years we entered, 2002-2008. We stopped after that!

Enjoy Ernesto Roast as:

Espresso, macchiato, long black, or piccolo latte. It is delicious as black plunger coffee, or Aeropress.

Furthermore, we recommend experimenting with any of the new 3rd wave brew methods to enjoy this roast as black coffee. Particularly recommend for cold brewing using the  Bruer Cold Brew System which works a treat, click HERE for more info.

Ever popular, we offer Ernesto Roast in 200g boxes of whole bean, plunger/drip ground, or espresso ground for stove top coffee makers.

500g and 1kg purple bags available in whole bean, plunger/drip ground or espresso ground – customised to your machine.

Roaster fresh : vacuum packed with a one way degassing valve, within 24 hours of roasting.

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