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Matilda Roast


Our very own Matilda : home grown- single estate, fully washed coffee. Organic and Rare! 100% Zentvelds estate. Sweetly aromatic, fresh and light. Exclusive to our online store and at our Roastery Door.

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Matilda Roast:

Matilda Roast is light bodied, sweet and bright local single estate roast.  Enjoy as plunger,  dripfilter, or pour over at home.

This is Rebecca Zentveld’s original roast of our fully washed process lovely ripe coffee. Made to enjoy as plunger coffee, way back in 1993.

It has won plenty of awards (7) during the period Rebecca entered the Sydney Royal Show, including Champion Single Origin Plunger of the Show in 2002.

We are choosing our own estate – organic grown beans. Rare and delicious!

The lighter roast allows the sweet, fruity, bright characteristics to shine especially as pure black coffee.

Matilda Roast is vacuum packed within 24 hours of roasting in 500g and 1kg bags with one way degassing valve.

Finally, this is a small batch roast exclusive to our Roastery Door and online store. Not offered for wholesale/ business. Too rare!