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Quamar Q50 S Coffee Grinder


Well designed, reasonably priced with colour options.


Quamar Q50 S Coffee Grinder:

A newer brand in grinders. We really like the 2 models we own and can recommend the Quamar range to suit high end cafes, small business and the home barista.

International barista competitions use them too, so that’s a good recommendation. Electronic dosing (E model) or press-dose on demand (S model) are offered along with the usual lever-dosing automatic model.

Nice incremental grind readings, well designed body and optional 500g hopper units is very nice for single origin beans or the home barista. There are larger, super quiet, fast grinding ( but slow rev) conical blade models too. So ask us to quote or for some advise as to what model will best suit you.

Q50 S is a professional small coffee grinder with 54mm flat blades which can grind up to 1.5 kg of coffee per day. Economical, compact and user-friendly, it is ideal for low-consumption products such as decaffeinated coffee or special brews. Suitable for the home and office barista too. Press button with coffee group handle to fill on demand. See range of colours: Aluminium, Matt Black, Gloss Black, Red, Silver, White . * Check for availability.

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