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Zen Decaf


Water Processed, certified Organic Mexican bean, delicious! We respect Decaf Drinkers with proper good taste!


Zen Decaf:

We are really proud of our Zen Decaf.

The certified Organic beans are decaffeinated using a natural water process – Mountain Water brand, without the use of chemicals. YAY! This water process is safe for us and sets out to preserve the original characteristics of the Mexican organic green bean.

Roasted by Andi with care to bring out the inherent sweet fruit and chocolaty flavours.Roasted to produce a solid crema and full flavoured espresso – just like’ real’ coffee! Andi enjoys one in the afternoon, so we really do stand by this selection and offer it with pride and respect for the decaf drinker.

We like a quite fine espresso grind – so offer it in 500g at our finest cafe grind for espresso. Grind your own if you can. The aroma is really appealing.
To see how the decaffeination process works, click HERE for a short video by Mountain Water.

By the way, there is no Australian grown coffee decaffeinated – so we had to choose a foreign bean for our decaf offering.
Available in 500g bags for beans, fine cafe espresso or plunger ground or 200g red global retail boxes for beans or espresso ground.

Roaster fresh:

Vacuum packed with a one way degassing valve, within 24 hours of roasting.