Stand Out From The Crowd!

Are you a café wanting to stand out from the crowd?

There are hundreds of roasters that can roast beans grown overseas.

Zentveld’s are one of a select group of Australian roasters that can offer your business a real point of difference.  Zentveld’s have been growing coffee for over 30 years and roasting for over 25 years. Our coffee has some unique attributes that will have your customers asking for more:

  • Produced on our own coffee farm with over 25 years experience in roasting and blending
  • Our Australian grown blends are known for their sweet chocolate notes and smooth balanced characteristics that suit both black and milk based coffees.
  • These taste characteristics are the result of our dedication to growing our coffee as ‘naturally’ as possible and the long slow ripening season available in our southern latitudes.

We are supply and service agents for Wega Espresso Machines and Mazzer Grinders and with over 25 years experience servicing coffee machinery we have a huge stock of parts for many brands of machines.

We also carry stock of all your café needs including Tea, Brew and Barista Tools.

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A range of quality products to help your business flourish

As specialist coffee roasters we compliment our coffees with our extensive range of barista supplies: delicious chocolate coated espressobeans, fine leaf teas and infusions, drinking chocolate, chai and flavour syrups.   coffee roasters

We also have a broad range of barista tools, new 3rd wave brewing equipment, and offer barista training, espresso machine and grinder sales and technical advice all on offer from our skilled team.   banner pics for wholesale page