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Alchemy Hazelnut Syrup


Hazelnut and coffee? Perfect!


Alchemy Hazelnut Syrup:

Alchemy Hazelnut Syrup is for those that crave a hazelnut latte without being too sweet and full of preservatives.

Furthermore, you can even add to your pancakes, waffles, Ice Cream and any of your other favourite desserts.

Alchemy is Australian made and owned and is free from artificial flavours, colours, dairy and gluten. Truly good taste first.  Alchemy syrups won the ‘taste test’ for us, comparing 4 different syrup brands – winning hands down. Now they deliver fantastic, healthy elixirs of good taste too. Check them out!

Click HERE for our full range of syrups and elixirs. Ring or email to place further requests as their range is extensive.