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Brew and Barista Tools:

Brew and Barista tools for cafe, home or office.

Our range includes Aeropress coffee maker, pour over coffee maker, milk steaming jugs, tampers, thermometers and much more!

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  • Aeropress Coffee Maker

    $51.00 The Aeropress is really simple to use, one-cup maker.…Add to cart
  • AeroPress Go

    $54.00 Take one with you! The AeroPress Go travel coffee…Add to cart
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    Rhinowares Hand Coffee Grinders

    $64.00 Grind coffee on the go. We love the compact…Add to cart
  • Aeropress & Bruer Paper Filters

    $7.00 For Aeropress and Bruer Cold Brew System. 350 microfilter, reusable papers.…Add to cart
  • Aeropress & Bruer Stainless Steel Filter

    $18.00 For Aeropress and Bruer Cold Brew System. Stainless steel…Add to cart
  • Coffee Press To-Go

    $49.00 With it's durably crafted, double-walled, ultra-insulated stainless steel body,…Add to cart
  • Hario Cold Brew Mizudashi Coffee Pot

    $40.00 An elegant and effective way to produce quality cold…Add to cart
  • Hario V60 Coffee Dripper 01 Ceramic

    $30.00 A simple way to brew flavourful coffee in single batches.Add to cart
  • HARIO V60 01 x 100 Coffee Paper filters

    $13.00 NEW! For the Brewista Brewer and the Hario V60…Add to cart
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    Coffee Tamper 58mm cafe size.

    $49.00 58mm coffee tamper. Designed for working baristas and the…Add to cart
  • Sealpod Reusable Capsules x2

    $55.00 Refill rather than landfill! With this re-fillable stainless steel…Add to cart
  • Coffee Tamper 51mm

    $33.00 51mm flat stainless steel tamper. Well made, heavy base…Add to cart
  • SealPod Espresso Sticker Lids

    $15.00 Espresso Sticker Lids for SealPod Nespresso®* compatible capsules.Add to cart
  • Milk Steaming Jugs

    $13.50$20.00 Stainless Steel Milk Steaming Jugs in 950ml, 600ml and…Select options
  • Cocoa Shaker

    $10.00 This cocoa or drinking chocolate shaker is ideal for…Add to cart

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