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Coffee Tamper 58mm cafe size.


58mm coffee tamper available in Black not Red as shown.. Designed in Melbourne for Baristas. ie ‘proper’ espresso machines with with 58mm group heads.


Coffee Tamper 58mm:

This Incafe series coffee tamper 58mm weighs 480g. Will fit and suit all quality espresso machines with ‘commercial sized’ 58mm group heads/ baskets/ handles.

True barista quality. It offers a professionally weighted solid stainless steel flat base with an anodised 6061 aluminium handle.

Anodising, is an Electrolytic Passivation (Electroplating) process used to increase the thickness and density of the natural oxide layer on the surface.

Generally much stronger and more adherent than most paint platings and powder coats, making them less likely to crack and peel.

Anodising also increases corrosion and wear resistance.

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