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The ‘Washed’ 3 x 500g bags Matilda, Ernesto & Pacific Blend


3 coffee blends featuring our sweet, fully washed coffee fruit. Grown organically on Zentvelds coffee farm, and blended with our coffee farm friends, 3 ways.

So – taste as single estate, Australian single origin and regional blend of our nearest neighbours.


The ‘Washed’ 3 Pack

3 x 500g packs. 1 each Matilda, Ernesto & Pacific Blend .

Perhaps you tried the ‘naturals’, now for the ‘washed’.
Fully ‘washed’ coffees are the fresh ripe red fruit – the ‘coffee cherry’ fruit that we encourage you to taste fresh off the trees if you have visited us. Ripe red fruit  that we’ve picked before it becomes ‘naturally’ over-ripened, sundried on the tree.

This is what we do on our farm : On the day of harvest, all the coffee fruit goes through the washer-sorter station.  This sorts out the naturally shrivelled sundried ‘naturals’ from the lighter brighter, ripe red coffee fruit that we seek to offer you here. The saltana style naturals get sent off to the dryer with their skins on; to be slowly dried, allowing their wilder, natural ferment notes to bring interesting complexity – which we love for offering in our stronger espresso blends. Eg 30 mile  Reserve 01, Bayside Blend, Zen Cafe. 

Meanwhile the bright ripe fruit get augured up into the pulper to shed their fruit skins and some of their fruit- juicy mucilage, leaving the wet coffee seed all clean, ready for the dryer.  Hence, fully washed. Clean and sweet, with the freshest of coffee fruit flavours and brighter acidity -ready to be unlocked through roasting, and your brew style. Finally, ready for you to enjoy in the cup.

Sweet and smooth coffee – perfect. Plunger, drip styles – perfect. For those that love brighter coffee, with noted acidity – perfect. Black coffee drinkers – perfect.

Of course we like to offer choices, with  2 or 3 roast levels; and different origins allowing our Roast Mistress to offer up a range of coffee experiences; each with their own nuances and interest.

Special includes:

Matilda – single estate Zentveld’s fully washed, at the lightest roast. Not too light, mind. Rare and wonderful!

Fresh from our farm – offered exclusively by itself as our sweetest  roast. Try Matilda black. Plunger or any drip style, or AeroPress.  Organically grown on our farm.  100% Australian single estate.

Ernesto Roast- one roast blend of 2 estates, ours and one other. 100% Australian grown, fully washed coffees.

Rebecca’s all round favourite coffee to drink pure black, or as machiato.

Pacific Blend : the regional blend with our nearest neighbours. Our 25 yr anniversary blend.

Select washed coffee from our chosen Qld estate spiced up with organic Indonesian and PNG highland small estate beans. The PNG beans are just gorgeous – show off perfect.  This will be the fuller bodied blend of the 3 offered. Smooth, yet take a bit of milk.

Choose whether you require whole bean, espresso ground to suit your machine – or plunger/drip ground from the drop menu.