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AeroPress Go


It’s back! AeroPress Go travel coffee press. So portable – all fits in the Go cup. For work, travel and outdoors. *Orders to be re-confirmed by phonecall/ email before despatch.

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For all the reasons we love the AeroPress but now even handier for On The Go coffee.

Designed for portability, created and made in the USA.

Makes smooth, rich coffee, without bitterness. Brew as long as you like – or for as little as a minute before extracting with the patented vacuum pressure system.

Clean up is a breeze, it takes only seconds to click out the ‘puck’ of used coffee and give the ‘end bits’ of the AeroPress a rinse.

All parts replaceable. Yay! Please contact us if you can’t see the part you need, listed on our online store barista tools here

Durable, portable light. BPA Free plastic.

We have shown pics with it’s fine friend : the Rhino Compact Hand Grinder that actually fits inside. So you can take them both with you for your travel adventures. Buy or view the Rhino Grinder here

Also shown – shameless plug for our delicious and quite rare Australian estate coffees – offered at the most suitable AeroPress grind : Grind A – Available ground to order for any of our roasts and blends in 500g or 1kilo bags too : Zentvelds coffee range

Pics show Ernesto Roast   Reserve 01 and Byron Blend