We all love coffee. It’s likely what has lead you to this blog! Today we will take a moment to introduce ourselves, and give a brief overview to many benefits of Aussie beans. 🙂

Australian Coffee 101.

The story of Australian coffee goes WAY back to the late 1800’s when coffee was first known to be grown here, but the first wave didn’t go so well because of the expensive labour and a lack of machinery needed for harvesting and processing the coffee.

Fast forward nearly 150 years later, and Australian coffee is winning awards all over the world, and is in higher demand than ever before!

Australian grown coffee has won many awards over the years around the world for best coffee because of its naturally sweet flavour.

Many experts believe that the longer ripening season due to our cooler winters gives the coffee a sweeter flavour. The Q tasters have described our coffee as “chocolatey and fruity with low acidity”.

Australia grows coffee in two main locations; Far North Queensland and Northern NSW.

Our Zentveld’s Coffee Farm & Roastery is located in Newrybar NSW in the Byron Bay Hinterland. We’ve been growing coffee since 1987 and roasting coffee since 1993. Learn more about the history of Zentveld’s HERE

Our subtropical climate means cooler temperatures and that allows for a longer maturation during winter. Read more to learn more about our growing conditions and micro-climate HERE

Reasons Why We Love Local Coffee.

We love drinking grown in our backyard every morning. It’s a great feeling knowing that we can enjoy amazing coffee with lower food miles.

Australian grown coffee is SLOW-RIPENED because of our cooler winters and we typically only 1 harvest each year.

It also tends to have more sweetness, lack of bitterness, and a medium body that comes with both chocolate and nutty flavours.

Looking for spray free coffee? Our coffee is PESTICIDE FREE. Read more about how we achieve growing coffee naturally HERE

Are you caffeine sensitive? Coffee grown in Australia is also naturally LOWER IN CAFFEINE. This is largely due to the fact that there are no pests and diseases that threaten the coffee trees. You can read more about how our coffee produces lower caffeine HERE

Are you interested in growing coffee in Australia? If you want to know how to start growing coffee or seek advice. Please get in touch with ASTCA.

VIDEO: The Zentveld’s Story – Meet June Zentveld

Part 1 of our Zentveld’s Australian Coffee story.
aerial photo of zentvelds australian grown coffee farm with green trees and rolling hills as far as the eye can see
Aerial photo of Zentveld’s Australian Coffee farm with green trees and rolling hills as far as the eye can see.
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