We are very proud to say with confidence that our coffee grown here in the Ballina – Byron Bay Hinterland is 100% pesticide free 🙂

How Do We Look After Our Coffee?

We do “spray” but there’s nothing nasty going on… No chemicals, no herbicides, no synthetics. Just organic inputs we source, or fertilizers we brew on-site.

A few terms you may not be so used to seeing;

*foliar feeding

*Biological Brewing. Visit the Farm Forcefield website to learn all about our on-site biological brewing.

We also actively produce compost on-site which is a great way to add nutrients, as well as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium which are essential to plant growth and to the soil.

Ideally we choose to look after Microbes and earthworms and the overall soil health of the land we grow coffee on, and that in-turn helps us grow coffee as naturally as possible.

A Quick Recap On Australian Coffee And Growing In The Byron Bay Hinterland.

What Are The Added Benefits Of Pesticide Free Coffee?

Our happy coffee trees get to grow in a stress-free environment, safe from pest and disease. This leads to naturally lower caffeine levels thanks to the safe growing conditions of Australia. You can read more about that in detail HERE

Ready to try pesticide free Australian grown coffee?

Try from a range of 100% Australian grown coffee blends featuring coffee from NSW and Far North Queensland.

a group of people enjoying pesticide free coffee at Zentveld's Coffee Farm in the Byron Bay Hinterland
A group of people enjoying pesticide free coffee at Zentveld’s Coffee Farm & Roastery in the Byron Bay Hinterland.
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