Today we’re talking about lower caffeine coffee… Yes it’s possible. Yes it’s a natural production and yes it’s Australian grown coffee ! 🙂

Caffeine & Coffee 101

Coffee trees naturally produce caffeine. Caffeine is a “natural pesticide” used to poison herbivores and plant pests to discourage them from attacking.

When the coffee tree feels threatened or is sprayed, they produce even more caffeine – such is the case with coffee grown overseas.

Coffee grown overseas is on average 25% higher in caffeine than Arabica grown in Australia.

This is because there are a number of pests and diseases that threaten the coffee tree and it is often required to be sprayed with pesticides to keep danger away.

Australian Coffee Is Your Answer To Less Caffeine.

Thanks to Australian Biosecurity, our land is the last coffee growing nation free of pests and diseases. This means we don’t have to spray our coffee trees with chemicals.

To read more about how we look after our trees naturally HERE

Our stress-free environment for growing coffee in the Byron Bay Hinterland means our trees are living a happy life and only produce their natural caffeine levels rather than an over-production to defend themselves.

Who Is This Most Suitable For?

We can always recommend Australian grown coffee to anyone looking to decrease their daily caffeine intake without switching to decaf.

It’s great for people with sensitive digestive systems as Australian coffee is lower in acidity.

Australian Health Guidelines recommend a limit of 200mg of caffeine a day when pregnant or breastfeeding women, that’s about 1-2 cups per day. 

We sent green bean samples away for testing against beans grown overseas. For anyone interested in seeing the results, click HERE.

Ready To Try Australian Grown Coffee?

Get the scoop on Australian Coffee HERE

lower caffeine coffee birds eye view of the coffee harvester driving over the rows of coffee trees
A birds eye view of the coffee harvester driving over the rows of coffee trees at Zentveld’s Coffee Farm and Roastery in Newrybar NSW.
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